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Rose napkins

Let fly your imagination in the decoration of the table for your guests.

We propose a touch of distinction inside the glasses of each of them: using the art of origami, with two textile or paper napkins rolled together, we create this marvelous rose.

Rose napkins

To create the leaves:

  1. Fold a square napkin on a diagonal
  2. Then fold in half along the diagonal
  3. Fold in half again

To create the rose:

  1. Use a square napkin of any color and fold the fabric in half along the diagonal. Put it on a flat surface so that the larger side is on top and then fold the corner opposite to the upper side, taking care the edges are parallel.
  2. Fold back the bottom-up napkin in half and wrap a napkin from one end to the other side.
  3. Place the flower top and bottom halves of the leaves.
  4. Finish in the glass.