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Heart wedding menu

Nowadays, the wedding table decoration has no limits to innovation.

If you want to get involved in every detail of it, we invite you to make your own hearts shaped menu wedding. Your guests will find them over their dish and they will be able to look at them at any time.

How to do it? From a heart template big enough to show all the lines of the menu, trace and cut out the paper hearts on a considerable thickness paper with the color you prefer (silver, gold, blue...).

Heart wedding menu

To make the written menu, you can do it by hand, typewriter or by computer, making sure that the width of your text does not exceed the width of the heart, recommending you to center the text.

Finally, whether you have printed or written by hand, cut the heart shape 1 cm lower than the initial template, so that when you paste it inside the first heart, a nice frame will be created around. What are you waiting for?