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Tutorial DIY modern lamp made with plastic spoons

Tutorial DIY modern lamp made with plastic spoons

Learn to take advantage of disposable plastic spoons to make a modern and elegant lamp.
Whatever they say about plastic spoons, the fact is that they form a significant portion of our garbage. It is true that in many places they are recycled, but we know that our world is not perfect, that people are lazy and that many end up in a landfill.
Fortunately eco-friendly fashion is increasingly popular. Even a child knows the meaning of the three 'Rs'; reduce, recycle and reuse. And a good part of this is thanks to the Internet, which has allowed us to share ideas like the one we bring you today.
But this idea is not ours. Thank your designer Yaroslav Olenev, the perfect example of a person who knows how to reuse things and turn them into wonderful everyday objects. For this lamp spoons even won a prize in 2010. Do you want to make one? I tell you step by step.
Project materials
• Many plastic spoons.
• Bulb with its support.
• Large clear plastic bottle.
• Hotmelt glue gun and its bars.
• Sharp knife.
• Pliers
How to make a lamp
1. Cut a large hole in the bottom of the plastic bottle.
2. With the pliers cut the handles of all the spoons.
3. Stick the spoons around the bottle as shown in the picture
4. Make a necklace with the spoons to cover the neck of the bottle.
5. Pass the cable through the inside of the bottle and install the bulb.
6. Find a place to install it. This is a modern design that looks beautiful at night and day.
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