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Learn to Knit with the Crochet Book

For a long time you have wanted to learn how to crochet, but it may be complicated because the techniques are numerous. All art has a beginning, and to fly it is necessary to start walking.
This principle applies to learning to knit, and the book "Crochet Patterns for Dummies" teaches you the ABC of weaving so that you assimilate knowledge in an orderly way.
Susan Brittain through her book, explains step by step all the points that are used to crochet, in addition to the threads that you must use to put together your confections.
Learn to Knit with the Crochet Book
Efficiency of the book
"Crochet Patterns for Dummies" has several images, as it has been proven to be an efficient way to retain the teachings. It is important that you are willing to learn.
It invests in materials such as needles and stamens, since learning to weave is only achieved through practice. Once you learn, be sure not to forget.
Both children and adults can use the book to start in the tissue, since the language that is handled is quite simple.
Where to buy it?
Purchase this product through Amazon at Susan Brittain's store, in digital format or on your physical model, depending on how comfortable you are to read the book.
So we invite you to learn one of the most beautiful crafts that exist, weave your own creations and surprise your friends with your labors. Success!