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Embossing set with included initiation kit from Sizzix

Request embossing services is a thing of the past with this fabulous kit with which you can make fabulous creations. Includes starter kit.
You may have in mind to make a creation to decorate a book or decorate a card, but you may be tired of the traditional, and do not want to spend so much money for it. If what you are looking for is embossed, we have the perfect equipment for you.
Embossing set with included initiation kit from Sizzix
This is the new Embossing Set with included initiation kit from Sizzix, with which you can make the most exquisite prints on paper in the comfort of your home, without having to spend large amounts of money.
This engraving kit consists of a varied selection of templates and designs, plus a 14 x 15.24 cm paper pad and a beautiful piece of cotton. With these implements you can start making your embossing creations.
Things you need to know about embossing
The embossing is the art of engraving reliefs on paper, through metal rollers that act as presses, which allows to develop a series of designs that have a certain texture.
The embossing is also known as die-cutting, and it has been done for some time as a craft. The aesthetics of the embossing is unparalleled, and therefore machines have been manufactured for home use so that everyone can dedicate themselves to this activity.
Do not stop buying this marvel of the die-cut
Sizzix specializes in providing everything related to embossing and engraving on paper, whether you want to perform at amateur or professional level. Get this fabulous embossing kit through the corresponding Sizzix site on Amazon.
Get ready to make your best projects with the Embossing Set with included initiation kit from Sizzix, and become an expert in paper die-cutting.