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Handmade kilim carpet model Ciro de San Carlos

Handmade rug made of 100% cotton. Available in different sizes and colors, to adapt to large and small spaces.
The carpets are elements that are placed in the rooms to grant them warmth and beauty. But when it comes to handmade carpets, we could not stop mentioning this option that you're sure to love.
Ciro San Carlos handmade kilim carpet gives any location a cozy character, and although it is made entirely by hand, the finish of this handmade rug is simply impeccable.
This beautiful rug has a varied range of colors, allowing you to adapt to rooms of any color, integrating especially to houses decorated in vintage or hippie style. The best choice to revitalize spaces.
Handmade kilim carpet model Ciro de San Carlos
The unique beauty of kilim carpets
If there is something to highlight, is that the kilim handmade rug is woven in 100% cotton fabric of numerous colors in braided form, and then each braid is joined to build this incredible craft.
Performing the maintenance of these handmade carpets is not a problem; They are easy to wash and dust them off. The washing of the carpets is done manually, so it is totally viable to vacuum them.
Integrate this carpet to your spaces
Sancarlos has an interesting assortment available in hand-made carpets, adapted to your tastes and needs. Contact them through Amazon, and enjoy the products and services that only Sancarlos can offer you.
Revitalize your spaces with the beautiful handmade kilim carpet model Ciro de San Carlos, and be the owner of a jewel that will last for many years given the quality of its preparation.