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Pigtails or scrunchies made with pieces of cloth

Pigtails or scrunchies made with pieces of cloth

Do you have several pieces of cloth and do not know what to do with them? With the pieces you have, make these beautiful pigtails, ideal for girls.
Surely at home you have several pieces of very beautiful fabrics and you have not wanted to throw them away. It's time to take advantage of these pieces to the maximum with some scrunchies or scrunchies.
To make these coleteros
You only need a piece of cloth of 40cmx10cm, an elastic of 20cm in length and 1cm in width, pins, scissors, sewing machine and thread.
1. Take the piece of fabric and fold it in half the width of the fabric, facing the rights.
2. It measures 3 cm at each end of the fabric, since these marks indicate the beginning and end of the seam.
3. Then, turn the zipper over and join the ends, right to right, closing them.
4. Take the elastic and introduce it through the pigtail, knotting it very well.
5. Finally, close that space with a seam. This way you have your queue ready.
Additional details
1. You can put a small pompom made with a fork, or if you want to add another detail to the ponytail, take a piece of cloth of 30cmx15cm, from the same cloth, and fold it in half widthwise, and fold it back to long.
2. Pinned and draw a figure (like half of a pair of sunglasses) at the end that has the fold; the brand reaches half of that side. Cut and open the fabric, folding in width. You will be like a pair of glasses.
3. Now pass the seam, leaving an opening in the center of the piece, to be able to turn it, and close it.
4. Take your piece and knot it in your ponytail, it will be very cute. If you are looking for more detail, review the video with step-by-step instructions.

You can find more information in pinafili