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DIY Rainbow with Spinner

It is possible that your children have or have had a Spinner, it is normal, they sell them everywhere, but it is also likely that they have already abandoned him somewhere in the house and no longer want to play with him anymore. You are not the only consenting mother who buys toys from her children just because they are fashionable and they want it, in Twitchetts they present an amazing idea so that you do not throw away the Spinner once your child has replaced it with another distraction new.
DIY Rainbow with Spinner
If you like rainbows then you are in the right place. We imagine that it never crossed your mind that a toy of your child would serve you to make a rainbow, because the Spinner will be a perfect tool for you, you like to do crafts.
What you must have is color paint, paper, a pipe cleaner and a Spinner of course. Now, you just tie the cleaner to one end of the toy, pass it through the colors of the rainbow separately and spin it!
It is a very easy technique that can also be used to make circles of colors, so if you want to paint some surface with circles of colors You can do it! Just follow the same procedure, choose the colors you want.
In addition, this method may help your child get stimulated with craft activities and start helping you at home. Paint, have fun, decorate your house and play with a Spinner