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Painting on rocks: A new hobby very funny

Relax by acquiring a new hobby as it is to paint on rocks. If you like to paint rocks enough, you can get good results.

Painting on rocks: A new hobby very funny

Recently I discovered the pleasant trade of decorating stones, and it has many advantages. First, your canvases are free. The stones are cheap, no matter what happens!

If you have small children and want a project for a rainy day, a bag of stones and a few paintings can be great allies!

Why should I paint on rocks?

  • You can decorate your garden with painted rocks
  • If you make a mistake, everything is fine. You get another rock.
  • They are an excellent craft project.
  • You can paint a pet that does not make noise or annoyance.
  • You can write inspirational messages on the rocks
  • You can make a stone domino.
  • And a thousand things we have not thought about!

Before painting

First you need to find the perfect rock. Look for smooth, rounded stones. The beach and river rocks are the best. If you have a certain design in mind, like a cat, an owl or a caterpillar, look for a rock with the correct shape.

Once you pick them up, make sure to wash them well with warm water, soap and a brush. Some rocks have rough areas difficult to paint, so use sandpaper to remove or soften those areas.

Draw with a pencil the design on the rock, although you can try it with a little soap or even a thin marker.

Painting and protecting your work
Be patient and start with the larger parts of the design, then move on to the smaller ones. If you need to apply more than one layer, let the previous one dry well.

Once finished painting your design, it's time to seal it! Use one or two layers of clear enamel to make sure the art lasts a long time.