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Organizer made with rolls of toilet paper

Organizer made with rolls of toilet paper

Sometimes the organizers may not meet our expectations. That's why we have for you this spectacular handmade organizer, 100% customizable.
It is normal that there is a bit of clutter in your desk or in your children's table. But this is not a problem that should generate anguish, since you only need an organizer.
And you're in luck because today I'll explain how to make a very economical one, with recycled material.
The organizers are very practical tools that allow you to keep all your work tools in order and in sight. I'll explain a simple model, although you can make an organizer to your personal style.
Materials and tools
To make this nice organizer you need:
• A box with the following dimensions: 20cm x 20cm x 15cm.
• 20 rolls of toilet paper, only the cardboard part.
• White glue.
• Paper to line the box.
• Rubber Eva, ribbons, to decorate.
• Scissors.
The first thing you should do is line the box. Then organize and paste the rolls of toilet paper with the help of the white glue inside the box.
Now is the time when your creativity is tested. Take the implements that you have available to decorate your box already lined, using for example rolls of decorative ribbons of different sizes.
Cut out figures in rubber Eva; You can do it in geometric shapes or flowers, but you can also make cute animals such as butterflies or dragonflies. If you like, put your name to the organizer. In short, your imagination will be the limit.
Once you have the figures cut out, start decorating your organizer to your liking. By drying the stick, Voilá! Now you can organize all your implements.

You can find more information in pinterest