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Night light in the shape of a pyramid with spatial motifs

Night light in the shape of a pyramid with spatial motifs

A night light is a useful accessory in the bedroom. Learn how to make your own custom pyramidal night light with a photograph.
Do you have children who like to sleep with a small night light on? I also! And I confess, I also leave a small light on every night.
This makes it easier to get up in the bathroom or kitchen without having to wake up anyone with strong lights. These night lights are an excellent and economical gift, like this moon lamp.
I was thinking about that nightlight recently and I was wondering how easy it would be to make a new one with an original motif. And I found this project that I share with you.
This little pyramid of DIY night light has a nice star design and is perfect for bedrooms or other rooms that you need to illuminate in a subtle way.
You will need to:
• A photograph printed of stars or any motif you want (large format)
• One LED battery light
• A square-based pyramid pattern (the base must have at least the size of the LED light)
• Pencil, ruler, scissors and glue (or tape)
1. Glue the pyramid pattern on the back of the photograph with a soft glue.
2. Use a pencil to mark (by pressing) the cutting and doubling points of the pattern. Remove the pattern
3. Cut the outer edges with the scissors and then fold to form the pyramid. Use the glue to hold all the faces except the base, which you can remove.
4. To use just turn on the LED light and locate the pyramid on top.
5. Ready!

You can find more information in usefuldiy