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How to make wool yarn pompons with just a fork

The pompoms are the perfect complement to any craft. Learn to do it quickly with just a fork and scissors.

How to make wool yarn pompons with just a fork

You'll probably say What's so special about these little funny little fluffy balls? No, you would not ask that. Because surely you know that pom-poms add a touch of color, texture and madness to all kinds of crafts.

They are also easy to make and do not need special tools or materials. From customizing a hat or scarf to replacing ties in a gift. Wherever you wear them, these fluffy accessories add fun!

Of course you can buy them made, or even buy accessories specially designed to make them. But if you only do a few, you will not need anything other than wool and a little time. They are ideal to decorate this fabulous case of glasses in the shape of a cactus.

You will need to:

  • A fork
  • Scissors
  • A skein of wool


  • Wrap the fork with wool threads until a thick layer forms. Depending on the thickness of the wool it can take between 15 and 40 laps. We cut the wool thread.
  • We take a thread of wool and with this we surround the ball of wool perpendicularly through the central part of the fork. A single round will serve.
  • Secure this thread with a good knot. Cut this thread leaving a leftover to tie the pompom later.
  • Remove the ball from the fork and cut all the sides with the scissors.
  • 'Comb' the pompom and finish with the scissors in case we have some longer thread. A spherical shape is almost always desired, but you can play to create other shapes.
  • You can use the thread left over from step 3 to sew the pompom to another garment or simply to hang it.