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Make scrapbook paper flowers to decorate your home

Make these incredible scrapbook flowers with which you can decorate what you want. These flowers embellish any place where you place them.

Make scrapbook paper flowers to decorate your home

We all love having a beautiful and original decorative element in our home, and if we do it with our hands, it becomes something special.

In this opportunity you will learn how to make some pretty flowers on scrap paper, which serve to decorate your home, or a party. They are very easy to make, especially if you have the craft kit for cuts and embroidery.

Materials for processing:
The materials you need to make these beautiful flowers are:

Paper and cut-out foil, from the Fantasy collection of Anita and her world.

  • Liquid glue.
  • Skewers sticks.
  • Double-sided tape.
  • Drills with circle and heart shapes.
  • Scissors

Model 1. 3D paper flowers

  • With the perforator it cuts 6 times the same figure in the chosen paper.
  • Then mark half of the figures with the help of a ruler and a peeling bone.
  • Then, double them for that mark, and proceed to paste the halves of each figure.
  • Before closing the flower, place in the middle a skewer stick with a little glue and finish closing your flower.

Model 2. Paper flowers with rosettes

  • Take a piece of paper and fold it like an accordion.
  • Glue both ends with double-sided tape. A circle or rosette will form.
  • Finally, choose some flowers from the cut-out sheet and stick them on top of the rosette.
  • Cut some sheets of scrapbook paper, and fold them in half. Stick them on the sticks so they do not look so empty.

Once you have all the flowers you need, arm your arrangement as you wish, the limit is your imagination!