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Personalized baby bottle

Crafts have something that makes them special and it is that touch of authenticity of which certain products that we find in the stores lack, which makes us prefer crafts, especially when a newborn is about.
That's why we show you this beautiful basket customized for newborns, which includes aspects of crafts, from the wrapping to the decoration of the articles that make it up.
The first thing you can notice is the child's name, and if you are willing to give away this basket, the person to whom the gift will value the effort you made in making a gift meant for her and her baby.
Personalized baby bottle
What's in the basket?
Contains what a baby needs for his first months of life with a custom cotton body. And for the comfort of the baby, the basket includes a thermal bag and a cloud pad, also customizable.
The basket is covered with transparent cellophane that gives it a sophisticated character, besides making visible the baby's name and the contents of the basket. Also bring a greeting card.
Ordering the basket is very simple
Just enter and look for the virtual store with 20deditos, where you have at your disposal a variety of handmade objects for the whole family. They have designs and colors that only they can offer.
Get ready to buy this personalized newborn basket, and give away something that is remembered by the baby's parents for life.