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Origami box

Fabulous origami box which we can make it in a moment, and it's great to keep the gifts we want to give as a present or just to store our little treasures.

It's as simple as with a pencil mark the diagonals of the square paper (about 20 cm to the base and 14,5 cm for the top) chosen for the box. Then fold the opposite sides toward the center helping a pencil to mark well the fold (the wrong side).

Origami box

To make the base, fold the opposite sides parallel to the midpoint and toward the inside and should measure about 3,5 cm. Folding and unfolding and repeat for the other two sides.

For the lid, fold the opposite sides (should measure 1,4 cm each), folding and unfolding and repeating the process with the other side.

If we pay attention, a little wrinkle has been created in the folds of the corners of the base and lid. Fold the diagonal wrinkles pointing in every corner.

Finally, displays the opposite sides of both the base and lid and return to fold inward. Repeat for all sides, securing it with a little glue.

To clarify any doubts, here's a great video overview: