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Fabulous ideas to decorate your home with stones

Fabulous ideas to decorate your home with stones

The stones are not exclusive to natural environments. You can also use them to beautify your spaces, being decorated by yourself.
Give life and joy to your home is possible, making decorative objects with a little creativity and natural materials, as is the case with stones ... Yes, as you read! With stones you can make wonders for every corner of your house.
You can paint them, apply lacquer, or decorate them with a professional airbrush. The truth is that the possibilities are numerous, so stay tuned.
Individual place mats or stone mats
You just need some flat stones, glue and bases. The latter can be made of recycled wood. By having the materials, let your imagination fly with the stones you found.
The stones are available in rivers and beaches, but you can also buy them in stores of supplies for artisans, who are distinguished by selling real gems.
An arrangement for your table
Choose a glass container or other transparent material. Place some stones in the bottom, being very careful not to break the container. Next add water and a flower. The icing on the cake will be to place a candle that floats in the water, the decoration will be sublime!
Artificial plants for your table
Take several elongated stones and paint them green with some white details, as if they were cactus, and let them dry. Now take a pot with earth and place the stones that you have painted, forming cactus. It is a different artificial plant, but it will be beautiful.
An idea that children will love will be to create games with stones. For example, draw 'X' and 'O' to each, and improvise a board for three online. The stones can also be chips for an old ludo board, to give some examples.

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