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Do you have buttons that you do not use? Look at this magnificent bowl

Do you have buttons that you do not use? Look at this magnificent bowl

Goodbye to traditional recipients! With colored buttons, build a wonderful bowl that you can use for many purposes.
If you are one of the people who like to decorate your home with small details, then this idea will like you a lot. It is very simple to elaborate besides economic.
Generally we have a lot of materials at home that we accumulate, without realizing the full benefit we can get from them. An example of this are the buttons.
These accessories of our clothes many times we keep for different reasons and never use. Look here and you will find a very practical option to decorate your home with buttons.
Very colorful bowl
In addition to decorating your home, this bowl will be very useful, and to make it you only need: a bowl lined with aluminum foil or a balloon, buttons of different sizes and colors, white glue and a brush.
The first thing you should do is define a mold. The bowl can be the size you want and should be lined in aluminum foil, or you can use an inflated balloon the size you want your bowl.
Making the bowl
Regardless of the mold you choose, you must apply a thick layer of white glue on the foil or on the balloon, then cover the mold placing the buttons together, until it reaches the dimensions you want.
In both cases you should wait a bit for the glue to dry so that the buttons are fixed, and then you must reapply a generous layer of white glue.
When the glue has become transparent, you only have to remove your bowl from the mold and it will be ready to contain whatever you need, as in the case of this beautiful handmade necklace made of stars.

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