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Make this beautiful case for your lipstick (DIY)

Make this beautiful case for your lipstick (DIY)

Tired of looking for your lipstick in who knows where? With this beautiful case made by yourself you can have your chapstick on hand and use it whenever you want.
You can use this practical case in backpacks and purses. When using it you will not lose your chapstick every time you want to moisturize your lips. It is so practical and useful, that more than one friend will want one. You can place it on the handle of your splashed cloth bag.

Tools and materials
Cotton fabric. A piece of 15 'x2¼'.
Fusible adhesive. A piece of 15 'x2¼'.
1¼ 'keychain holder.
To make the case
Take the piece in cloth and the fusible adhesive, and iron both. Do it carefully so that it is not wrinkled or with air bubbles. Remember that the part with adhesive should be on the back of the fabric.
Now fold the resulting strip in half, joining right with right, so that the ends coincide. Spend a seam on the longer sides, with a seam allowance of ¼ inch.
Turn the piece over, and return the iron to the piece. Pass a zigzag seam at the open end.
Now bend the end with the zig-zag to a measure of 1 ¼ '. Then fix this fold with two seams parallel to each other.
Fold this end to 2 ½ ', taking care that the zig-zag is hidden, and then pláchalo. Now it passes 2 parallel seams in the contour of the piece, except for the folded end.
Finally take the keychain holder, open the piece and insert the upper end of the case. Fit it into the bracket and hammer the piece by pressing the fabric into the metal, placing the ring of the key ring. And ready!

You can find more information in makeit-loveit