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DIY Creative hook to hang clothes

Our closet is the place where we deposit a good part of our finances throughout our life and not least importantly we also buy hanging hooks as a necessary tool.
DIY Creative hook to hang clothes
In dream a Little bigger, they tell us a practical way of beautifying our hangers, giving more personality to our closet.
Because something that can motivate us to be able to see things from another point of view, a viable option can be to give a change of look to those boring percheros to others with more style.
To make this renovation of hooks to hang clothes is necessary to have hooks that are made of wood at the top, because this is the area to be decorated.
Paper or napkins for decoupage, liquid glue for crafts and scissors.
Try to find a paper that has designs or colors that suit your personality or the style you want to give your room.
To make the transformation you must place the hook on the paper and form a template about 2 or 3 centimeters larger. With the help of a brush you apply thin layers of glue in the front.
At the edges protruding from the front you make small pickets separated by 2 centimeters, and start to glue them in this way. Help with the scissors to trim the remaining paper waste in areas that do not need it.
When you stick the paper try to do it carefully to avoid air bubbles forming.
Repeat the procedure on the other side of the rack, let it dry. For greater durability I recommend that you apply several layers of glue, thin layers, let dry between them to protect the paper.