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Decorate your walls with framed photos

Possibly you want to give a different air to that insipid wall of your house. And what better way than decorating your walls with framed photos as it appears in Southern Living.
Decorate your walls with framed photos
It is an original design, minimalist and easy to clean. Take those photos you have saved, or transform photos from your computer into sepia tones, and let's start decorating!
You can use frames you no longer use or buy them in antique stores. Select all the photos you think fit.
Preparing structures for frames
These must be made of wood, in addition to measuring a bit more than the space where the frames will be located. Make the cut according to the measurement of the wall and at a 45 degree angle. Paint the boards.
With the help of a pencil, mark on the wall the height where you want your photos. Measure the distance between the ceiling and the marks.
The measure of the rope will be double the distance between the roof and the marks. Cut the ropes by adding an extra 40 centimeters.
It inserts in the corners of the frame, supports that allow to support them. Pass the rope through the supports and tie the ends. Repeat the procedure with the rest of the frames.
Fix the boards to the ceiling with the help of a hammer, and nails that have enough scope. Place hook-shaped hooks at different points on the boards.
Hang the frames on the hooks and go! You'll have vintage decor for your wall.