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Transform your kitchen with pretty tweezers

In our home we always need instruments that help us to close wrappers or to put notes in the refrigerator, but that is not why we should use boring objects, for that we can use pretty tweezers.
The wooden clips for hanging clothes are a great tool, which allows us to make with it the most beautiful designs, as they do in storypiece, where they carry out a simple manuality.
Transform your kitchen with pretty tweezers
In order to beautify our tweezers we must have at hand:
• Wooden clips.
• Card stock the printed paper.
• Liquid glue for crafts.
• A piece of magnetic tape (Optional, only if you want to use the hooks glued to the refrigerator).
Since the procedure is extremely simple, we must cut pieces of paper the size of the clamp faces, both long and wide.
To have nice tweezers we must place a layer of glue on one of the faces (we can help by applying it with a brush to give greater precision).
Place a strip of cardboard carefully, avoiding the formation of air bubbles, if they become bubbles we should try to stretch the cardboard bit by bit until it leaves and we have a completely smooth surface.
Let dry, place a layer of glue on the adhered paperboard, as a protective layer and hope to dry.
We proceed to perform the above steps but on the other side of the clamp.
If we wish we can attach a piece of magnet to one of the faces of the clamp, so use it as nice clips to hang notes in the refrigerator.