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DIY Ecological tree based on memories

The creative is one of the qualities that characterize us women. We are always active in creating new things for the decoration of the interiors in our home, the typical and boring is something that has gone out of fashion and that we all know and for that very reason, we are able to create by our own account, an art that is loaded with fun and memories at the same time. Art is a fundamental principle that should decorate our home and that is why today I present this beautiful tree of paper so that you can decorate any room.
DIY Ecological tree based on memories
The paper tree is a very basic art that we can easily create any of us, having the necessary materials and an invulnerable patience, we will be able to create a beautiful tree of paper based on books of memory, those books that we have at home and that no longer we use and that we are fascinated by their creative pattern to be able to turn them into leaves for our creation.
The portal Everydaymomideas explains a little more about how to make this beautiful work of art, which is what we need to do it and even happened at a pace that we must continue to be able to create our beautiful tree of paper based on leaves of memories of books saved.
Creating a tree based on paper of remember will never be easier, thanks to the portal of everydaymomideas, we can have a clear idea of ​​what we want to use to make the small leaves of the tree and remember that the pattern of this will always be to your liking.