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Do you have cats? You will love this idea!

Cats are adorable pets, some are a ball of beautiful hair and others not so hairy but equally lovely! Bells! But if you're the one who spends all day thinking about how to make your feline friend stop scratching all over, with the sofa, with the bed and even with your feet, they love to scratch and that can not be avoid, because it is their nature, but there is something that will serve you very much.

Do you have cats? You will love this idea!

It seems that in Kayleeeylander they had that same problem and decided to look for the solution without causing something bad to our pet and without having to spend all our savings.

Do you like cacti? It is a DIY design of a scraper cactus, where you only have to use pipe feet, ropes and other implements necessary to make an artificial cactus.

It's very simple! You can also choose to place colored rocks or adorned to give a unique touch or cactus flowers to not only serve your cat but also look good anywhere in your house You decide how to decorate it!

Your cat is a member of the family so it's not a bad idea to give him a good gift like this. You can make the cactus of the size that you want, although we recommend that you consider the size of your cat, remember that it is for him to scratch easily. Goodbye to all the cat hairs on the couch or in bed!