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Decorate your shirt in a short time with a beautiful embroidery

Decorating your shirts will no longer be a difficult task, thanks to this fabulous embroidery technique. Learn how to decorate your t-shirts quickly and easily.

Decorate your shirt in a short time with a beautiful embroidery

Women love to renew our clothes, especially if we have a shirt that we do not use because it needs a little color.

We will explain how to give life to your shirt with a beautiful embroidery. The best part is that you only need 5 minutes of your time to do it.

Materials for embroidery

For the procedure you only need a needle, embroidery thread, pattern or design, scissors, white paper, ink pen, an embroidery drum, and of course the white t-shirt to decorate.

As a first step in the renewal of your shirt, choose a design that you like and copy it on a white sheet. You can make a conventional design or cross stitch.

Making our embroidery ...

Decide on which part of the shirt you want to show off this spectacular embroidery, placing the white sheet with the design under the shirt.

Take the ink pen and copy the design on your shirt. Next you must remove the paper design. Now is the time to place the embroidery drum over the design.

Cut a piece of embroidery thread that is approximately the length of your forearm. The embroidery thread has 6 strands, so you must take one of them to thread it in a needle.

Start embroidering your design on the lines you drew. Finally, remove the drum and carefully clean the design with a piece of dampened cotton.

With this you will have your own shirt with a beautiful embroidery, ready for you to look at any outing with friends or casual moment.