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Colorful spheres of thread and glue to decorate

Colorful spheres of thread and glue to decorate

With a balloon, knitting yarn and some white tail you can make a versatile and simple decoration, besides being an ideal project to do with children.
This simple project can bring back memories of elementary school, but it is not only a fun craft to do with the children, but a lovely decoration.
A sphere of thread with decorative glue like this can cost a few euros each in the store. But if you do them yourself, you can have many of them at a very low cost.
You will need to:
• Cotton knitting yarn (Various colors)
• A bag of round balloons.
• White tail of crafts.
• A place where you can do something disaster.
1. Mix two parts of water for each part of white glue in a container. You do not need large quantities and you can do it as you require it.
2. Lightly inflate a balloon.
3. Untangle a few meters of knitting yarn and immerse them in the water and glue mixture. Let it get wet well and squeeze it before taking it out.
4. Begin to wrap the wet string around the balloon. There is no method here, just surround it in all possible directions.
5. Once you cover a good part of the globe, cut the thread and place the end under any of the backs.
6. Wet the balloon in the mixture and squeeze any excess.
7. Let it dry overnight with the balloon inflated. Important not to hurry here.
8. The next morning the glued sphere must be rigid. If it is still wet, leave it another additional day. If it's dry, you can pop the balloon.
9. And that's it!

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