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DIY Carpet made with old garden hoses

DIY Carpet made with old garden hoses

With this project we will reuse an old garden hose and turn it into a practical and durable doormat for your porch.
I am sure that every year you find that some of your gardening implements have already fulfilled their life cycle. It happens to me frequently, especially with hoses.
I recently happened again. For weeks I tried to get rid of it, but I could not decide which container to put it in. So I thought that maybe all this was a message from the cosmos for me, that I should reuse and reinvent instead of discarding.
Until I found an interesting project and decided to transform it into a doormat for my porch. The best part? It's so easy to do, that anyone can create their own version of this mat when their old hose starts to drip.
To make the carpet you need
• One or several old garden hoses
• A bag of 150mm nylon plastic flanges. Use preferably the dark ones, as they will last longer.
• Strong scissors.
Processing instructions
1. Use the scissors to cut the metal ends of the hoses.
2. Fold the first hose on itself and join both parts with a plastic flange.
3. Then continue to bend over these two segments. Join each fold to the previous one using plastic ties.
4. Use your common sense to distribute the flanges. I spaced them about 20 centimeters.
5. Once you are done with the first hose it is time to continue with the next one. If you have hoses of various colors, you can combine them to create an interesting effect.
6. When you finish trimming the excess plastic from each flange, flip your new carpet and it is ready to use.
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You can find more information in annsgardenpath