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Bag to store your weaving tools in order

The perfect backpack for those who do crafts, a bag for storage and order of fabric, made with quality material.
While we make crafts, such as knitting or crochet, we always tend to lose some things in sight, that will no longer be a problem with the backpack for storage of fabric, since with this bag you can store your accessory tools for crafts.
Bag to store your weaving tools in order
This crochet storage backpack is made with high quality material, transparent PVC and waterproof nylon. It is also large and with several compartments both inside and outside, allowing you to keep your fabric accessories neatly.
You can take the tissue backpack wherever you want!
The fabric storage bag has an adjustable long strap so you can carry it comfortably as a bandit, or if you prefer you can carry it as a handbag with a shorter strap. Whatever you want! And wherever you want! You can carry the backpack for weaving tools.
Do not worry about the size or thickness of your needles, this backpack has compartments to store and order any type of needles safely and without damaging the storage bag.
If you are knitting and crocheting and have many tools and accessories that you must keep and order, you can have a new friend in the fabric storage backpack. Its design is very delicate and feminine so you can have it at home and take it anywhere. Save everything you need and use it as a holder while doing crafts, so everything will be in perfect order and you will not lose a tool from your sight.