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Umea upholstered armchair Tower by Eames Homely brand

An Eames armchair upholstered with patchwork, which confers beauty to any space in which it is included. With measures of 63x63 H- 83 cm.

Umea upholstered armchair Tower by Eames Homely brand
Who does not like to decorate and remodel the home? Sometimes it can be a whim and in others it may be necessary, but there are elements that we can not do without buying given the beauty of the designs.
And that is exactly what happens with this beautiful armchair made of vintage scraps, which reminds us how our mothers and grandmothers made blankets and quilts from scraps or patches.
Although this patchwork armchair is upholstered with patches, the finish is extremely impeccable, giving distinction and life to any environment in which it is included. The handmade appearance of the armchair is intentional.
Armchair specifications
This type of chairs are inspired by the Tower model of Eames that would begin to see from the 40s. However, this armchair is upholstered and padded to provide greater comfort when sitting.
Being an upholstered armchair in fabric, it is susceptible to get dirty easily so you have to be careful at the time of washing, because the fibers of the fabric are extremely delicate.
An armchair with all the attributes
You can get these patchwork-lined armchairs through Kiona Decoración, an Amazon virtual store aimed at selling Homely furniture and chairs.
It is an armchair that is quite affordable to get; and for delivery times you should not worry because at Kiona Decoración they work hard to speed up your request.
 Be the owner of this beautiful armchair of upholstered Tower of Eames brand Homely, in order to provide beauty and comfort to your environments.