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Make your own coat rack

Has it happened that your chains and necklaces are not as organized as you want? Luckily we have an idea for you that can be very useful for selecting your chains and necklaces.
You do not have to make bigger investments for your project, so probably with some forgotten objects you can make a coat rack like Visibly Moved.
Make your own coat rack
Materials to use
We will make a rustic style coat rack. It is essential that you get a piece of irregular wood, which you must sand in certain places to prevent a splinter is key in your skin.
Check if you or someone you know has a similar piece of wood. Otherwise, in the wooden stores you can acquire very cheap chests.
Get used handles from cabinets, or you can go to a flea market where prices are really low. Remember that the economy must deprive on our coat rack.
You also need a tape measure, drill, and glue.
Making the Coat Rack
Measure the length of the table with the tape measure, and estimate the distance between one knob and another by punching the points where you drill.
Use drills that are capable of drilling holes to fit the knobs. Drill the holes with the drill.
Insert the knobs into the holes, and you can even rest with a little glue for durability.
Attach brackets to your coat rack so you can hang it on the wall. And we have finished our coat rack, which in addition to being very useful, will decorate your room.