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Sock cupcakes in Craft ideas for original gifts and presents

Sock cupcakes

Funny, charming and very easy to do... here is the perfect presentation of socks.

DIY Pinwheels in Crafts for decorating and home decor, parties and events

DIY Pinwheels

For parties, birthdays, special occasions... pinwheels are timeless, dynamic and colorful. Learn how to do them.

Matchbook notepads in Crafts for decoration, gifts, presents and accessories at weddings

Matchbook notepads

If you do not want to complicate too much in making a gift for your guests, you can try to create these little custom notepads.

Paper Pouches in Crafts for babies, kids and adults parties

Paper Pouches

These beautiful paper containers are great for filling them with fruit, candy or snacks.

Paper flag tutorial in Crafts for babies, kids and adults parties

Paper flag tutorial

They seem great to place them as decoration for birthday cakes, as cocktail sticks or as a placecards with your guest's name.

Twirly toy in Ideas for kids' crafts

Twirly toy

A very simple project but with a hipnotizing effect for kids or even adults.