Familiar Scrabble picture Familiar Scrabble picture

Ready for hang and admire!

Cute flower bouquet Cute flower bouquet

With May on our calendars, come the colors, flowers and... Mother's Day.

DIY comfort pocket kit DIY comfort pocket kit

A fantastic gift to give someone when it isn't expected to brighten up his or her day!

Tag-shaped stamps Tag-shaped stamps

You can reuse them at any time to decorate gifts, envelopes, patterns, printing labels or even tags!

Heart popup card Heart popup card

Something flat and thin, is suddenly transformed into a form with volume before your eyes in a flash.


DIY geometric favor boxes DIY geometric favor boxes

From sweets, confetti, gifts and toys... everything fits into these volume boxes!

Washi Tape Valentines Washi Tape Valentines

Valentine is just a sigh... but the possibilities are endless!

Cute Christmas wrapping Cute Christmas wrapping

The wrapping of a gift says a lot about the person who gives it. Want to know the proposal of Agnes?

Washi Tape wrapping paper Washi Tape wrapping paper

Looking for new applications to use the tens of Washi tape rolls you have in your drawer?

Wrap your gifts with confetti Wrap your gifts with confetti

Do you want to decorate your gifts in a funny way?

Wrapping a wine bottle with socks Wrapping a wine bottle with socks

Have you run out of ideas for decorating the bottle you are going to give for your next dinner party?

Wrapping a gift with no tape Wrapping a gift with no tape

The technique, talent and art that the Japanese people handling all kind of papers, is incomparably and a good example is this video.

Mini book tutorial Mini book tutorial

Ruth Bleakley teaches us how to make these curious accordion books.

Favor boxes Favor boxes

Never a star shape of 16 points was so versatile.

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